Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Bloody Panda releases its long-awaited, underground-star-studded “remix” album, Summon: Invocation, today in its entirety via free download:

Summon: Invocation features reworkings of songs from Bloody Panda’s second full-length, Summon, as conceived by such musicians as Matmos, Jarboe, Mick Barr, Sanford Parker, and members of Portal, Nadja, and Burning Witch.

BrooklynVegan.com’s BBG aptly describes Summon: Invocation as a “reimagining of Bloody Panda's downtuned doom-riff destruction and the icy-demonic screams of Yoshiko Ohara”; in the weeks leading up to the release, the blog posted a series of exclusive interviews with the album's remixers, concluding today with this chat with G. Stuart Dahlquist and Edgy 59 of Burning Witch:

With Summon: Invocation out now, Bloody Panda continues work on its third full-length album. The band now includes the rhythm section of Krallice - bassist Nick McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein - along with vocalists Yoshiko Ohara and Gerry Mak, guitarist Josh Rothenberger, and keyboardist Blake McDowell.