Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Out now: CZAR

Czar's debut full-length, Vertical Mass Grave, is out today! Here's what some have been saying:

Chicago Reader - "A dense mass of sludgy riffs and breakneck rhythmic changes that has a lot of people saying the words 'Mastodon' and 'Helmet' in close proximity to each other."

Exclaim - "Somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and Pantera, you'll find Czar... Interesting, off-beat, metronomic and just catchy enough to be exceptional."

SLUG - "Accessible, heavy and most importantly catchy."

MetalSucks - "Combining lots of disparate elements into one powerful, anthemic package... their style of metal knows no boundaries."

MetalSucks (Best of 2011) - "The manner in which this group blends atmospheric guitar work with pummeling heavy riff pocket grooves and tribal tom acrobatics is fucking devastating."

NoiseCreep - "An exciting power trio that fans of Mastodon, Killing Joke and even the Jesus Lizard should check out immediately."

GunShyAssassin - "Chances are by now you have heard of Czar, the Chicago trio that defies characterization... At the end of the day, I’d have to call ‘em progressive metal. No matter what umbrella they fall under, Czar fucking rips."