Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Birds In Row's Collected - a complete collection of the French band's recordings - is out now on Vitriol Records. Here's what some writers have to say:

"Furious, tarnished melodies..."

"A record full of ferocity that throws itself at the listener's face in angry, melodic bursts."

5/5. "Anthemic blasts of sound with guttural vocals and an uplifting, riveting sound that hits you deep."

"Not unlike the approach of the great Converge - hardcore ferocity and metal robustness combining to create something completely unique."
-MSN Headbang

"Hardcore jams that are often anthemic and always sonically satisfying."

"Birds In Row play at the dirtier end of the hardcore pool, with a sludgy, noisy sound that is full of hooks."

"Abrasive French hardcore - dirty and grimy!"

"This band will fit in very well alongside Deathwish bands like Touche Amore, Rise and Fall, and New Lows."