Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GRAF ORLOCK on MetalSucks

MetalSucks has posted Graf Orlock's new track, "Couples Seeking Comfort/No Point" - the first new music to be revealed off the band's upcoming EP, Los Angeles.

Of Graf Orlock's Hollywood-obsessed hardcore, sometimes referred to as "cinema-grind", MetalSucks writes, "Not only is their music as mercilessly murderous as you'd want it to be, but their incorporation of elements from action films in brilliant."

MetalSucks has also unveiled the Los Angeles cover art, consisting of three separate covers, each a "shooting range target" depicting a scene from Michael Mann's Heat and riddled with actual bullet holes. As with previous Graf Orlock releases (including last year's Doombox, which earned the title of "Packaging of the Century" from Revolver Magazine), the Los Angeles artwork was created entirely by the band.

With Los Angeles set for an April 10 release on Vitriol Records, Graf Orlock prepares for yet another year of DIY world touring, including Japan in the spring and Europe in the summer.

24 Yokohama, Japan
25 Shinjyuku, Japan
27 Nishiogikubo, Japan
28 Yokosuka, Japan
29 Kyoto, Japan
30 Nagoya, Japan
31 Osaka, Japan

29 Berlin, Germany
30 Cry Me A River Fest, Versmold, Germany

1 Hamburg, Germany
2 Njimegen, Netherlands
3 Lille, France
4 Caen, France
5 Paris, France
6 Koln, Germany
7 New Noise Fest, Karlsruhe, Germany
8 Liege, Belgium
9 Brighton, UK
10 Manchester, UK
11 Norwich, UK
12 London, UK
13 Merksplas, Belgium
14 Groningen, Netherlands
15 Trier, Germany
16 Darmstadt, Germany
17 Munich, Germany
18 Prague, Czech
19 Bratislava, Slovakia
20 Fluff Fest, Rokycany, Czech
21 Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia
22 Budapest, Hungary
23 Novi Sad, Serbia
24 Skopje, Macedonia
25 Zagreb, Croatia
26 Ljubljana, Slovenia
27 Vienna, Austria
28 Dresden, Germany
29 Liepzig, Germany