Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Graf Orlock's new EP, Los Angeles, hits stores today via the band's own label, Vitriol Records.

In honor of the release, Vice's music channel Noisey.com has posted an interview with Graf Orlock guitarist/mastermind Jason Schmidt and an exclusive premiere of Los Angeles' epic closer, "Quick on the Trigger". Read the interview and stream the track here.

World-renowned for their celluloid-obsessed hardcore, sometimes dubbed "cinema-grind", LA's Graf Orlock bases their work primarily on action flicks of the 80s and 90s. Of the band's concept and sound, MetalSucks has declared, "Not only is their music as mercilessly murderous as you'd want it to be but their incorporation of elements from action films is brilliant."

Also revered for the elaborate artwork and packaging of their releases - last year's Doombox EP was given the title "Packaging of the Century" by Revolver Magazine - Graf Orlock continue the trend with Los Angeles, whose cover art consists of three separate "shooting range targets" riddled with actual bullet holes.

Fresh off a tour of Japan, Graf Orlock embark on a full European tour in June.