Friday, April 13, 2012


Graf Orlock's new EP, Los Angeles, hit stores this week. Check out some of the love:
“Over 11 Pacino-packed minutes, gritty grindcore and Heat samples work up a symbiotic sweat.”
"A scramble of screams, blastbeats and piranha-tank guitars."
-Alternative Press
"On their new work, Los Angeles, [Graf Orlock] have created what may be their masterpiece."
-LA Weekly
"Not only is their music as mercilessly murderous as you'd want it to be, but their incorporation of elements from action films in brilliant."
"An enigma wrapped inside a mystery that's been stuffed in Stallone's bulging ammunition pouch."
-About Heavy Metal
“There’s no grindcore outfit as fun as Graf Orlock.”
-MSN Headbang
"Graf Orlock's music scares the shit out of me."