Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GAZA cover art

Gaza have unveiled the cover art for their forthcoming third album, No Absolutes in Human Suffering, on their official Facebook page.

The band enlisted artist Mike Wohlberg for the album cover and layout, known for his work for Trap Them, Tombs, Today Is the Day, and more. Wohlberg says this about his work on No Absolutes in Human Suffering:

"Anthony [Lucero, Gaza bassist] contacted me earlier this year asking me to do what I had been dreaming of doing since I first met these guys - a layout for their next full-length. I was provided with two photos of a old political rally and the idea of an upside down heart, conveying the album's tone of faceless, binding hopelessness. I took the images and ran with them: adding distress, blotting out likeness, blowing out the sky, essentially turning it into an image of a silent hell brought on under a sigil of active despair. I worked very closely with Jon [Parkin, Gaza vocalist] and Anthony, turning out a couple of weeks worth of work in about four days to meet their deadline. The stress was invigorating, fueling the process and making the imagery that much more raw and intense. In the end, I feel like I accomplished a piece that both met their expectations of what they hoped to convey and my strict standards of the work that I present to the world. I've been fortunate enough to call these guys friends in the five years that I've known them and I am forever thankful to be a part of this album and their legacy as a band."

More of Mike Wohlberg's work can be seen here.

No Absolutes in Human Suffering is out July 31 on Black Market Activities. Gaza embark on an extensive US tour this week with Black Cobra, including many dates with Corrosion of Conformity and Torche.