Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Out now: WILD HUNT

Wild Hunt's debut album, Before the Plane of Angles, is out now on Kemado!

"Sprawling, blackened metal boasts burly roars, tumultuous textures, chakra-aligning interludes."

"[Wild Hunt's] progressive, expansive take on modern black metal is reminiscent of latter-day Enslaved in its willingness to embrace the sublime alongside the savage; they incorporate swaths of ambient music, field recordings, and a traditional heavy metal sensibility to create something quite unique and wonderfully absorbing."
-Ad Hoc

"Wild Hunt mixes the symphonic, technical prog metal with the heavy guitar work and gruff vocals of death metal. Epic in scope, Before the Plane of Angles' long tracks allow the band to change direction at will without losing a listener."
-Metal Sucks

"Wild Hunt sits nicely in the middle of a musical spectrum, Enslaved at one end, and say, Hammers of Misfortune at the other... The songs are constantly going somewhere, every note is fleeting, a sense of blurred movement permeates the album."
-Metal Injection

"With an epic sound that draws influence from black metal, ambient and beyond, Wild Hunt is an Oakland, CA-based band that offers complex, winding songs that twist and turn but always manage to push forward."
-Invisible Oranges

"[Wild Hunt] take bits and pieces from black metal, progressive metal, traditional heavy metal, doom, and even ambient music on their debut album and create something that's not only unlike anything in American metal right now, but for all its eclecticism is startlingly cohesive."
-MSN Headbang

"Wild Hunt is a mystical, blackened metal band from Oakland. If you're a fan of groups like Ludicra, Hammers of Misfortune and Weakling, you might already be familiar..."
-Noise Creep

"Another Bay Area barnstormer... These guys are one of the most ambitious, exciting bands to come out of that area in a long time."
-Meat Mead Metal