Thursday, June 7, 2012

JAR'D LOOSE on Deciblog

Decibel Magazine presents the exclusive premiere of Jar'd Loose's song, "Last Living Roach", the lead track off the band's debut album, Goes to Purgatory.

Decibel's Kevin Stewart-Panko writes, "I was taken aback by their sinewy take on noise rock and how it both reminded me and didn't remind me of the 90s and bands all the way from Karp and Helmet to Janitor Joe and The Jesus Lizard."

The Chicago band, featuring ex-members of The Muzzler, is turning heads for its ability not only to bash out driving, fist-banging dirt rock with sneering, unhinged vocals, but also to take surprising left-turns into the realms of big rock hooks and creepy dirges.

Goes to Purgatory hits stores July 10 on Cassette Deck Media. The album was recorded and mixed by Pete Grossman (Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way) and mastered by Carl Saff (Unsane, Red Fang).