Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Out now: JAR'D LOOSE

Jar'd Loose's debut, Goes to Purgatory, hits stores today!

"I was taken aback by [Jar'd Loose]'s sinewy take on noise rock and how it both reminded me and didn't remind me of the 90s and bands all the way from Karp and Helmet to Janitor Joe and The Jesus Lizard."


"Somewhere between simple, old school punk/hardcore, noise rock, and a kind of tossed-off, Lemmy-loving, late-era Entombed thrashing metal."

"Jar'd Loose, a blue-collar quartet fronted by a charismatic, mic-melting vocalist... Pure power punk, armored like an Abrams tank."
-About Heavy Metal

"Jar'd Loose is getting ready to release their debut album, Goes to Purgatory, and it features kickass vocal performances from frontman Eddie Gobbo. The dude does some serious throat shredding..."

"Jar'd Loose' hellbound noise rock finds inspiration in the likes of The Jesus Lizard and Entombed. Thoroughly rocking yet left-of-center..."

"The noise-infused hardcore grooves this Chicago band comes up with on their debut are impressive enough but the clincher is vocalist Eddie Gobbo, who hollers in an ostentatious snarl that avoids hardcore cliche..."
-MSN Headbang

"Jar'd Loose... took my brain and flipped it upside down. Dark, aggressive, filthy music like something I haven't heard of before."
-American Aftermath

"Led by the tortured rasps of frontman Eddie Gobbo, this Chicago quartet takes its cues from the gritty noise rock of early AmRep/Touch & Go and runs wih it, mixing in heavy doses of metal and hardcore."

"Vocalist Eddie Gobbo sounds like a rabid dog who put down the animal control guy that was trying to put him down."
-No Clean Singing

"Chicago quartet Jar'd Loose sound as if the entirety of life stabbed 'em in the back on their noise rock addled debut."

"Their music sounds dirty, like you'd need a nice disinfectant bath when you are done with it... All of that is a compliment, by the way... Dirty is good."
-Meat Mead Metal