Friday, August 24, 2012


"Call of the Wild deliver a wrathful, wild-eyed breed of street-hard rock. The vocals and chord changes are full-on Motorhead, raw and primitive and rocketing in from crazy nowhere..."
-High Times

"A perfect power trio. Mayhem in a concise package. They have everything a good rock band needs..."

"Leave Your Leather On is stroke-worthy. Simple, fast, straight-up r n' r from NYC..."

"Steeped in the old-school, pick slide-happy attack of bands like Fear, Cro-Mags, Misfits, and The Stooges, while maintaining a solid backbone of classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal-inspired brutality, Leave Your Leather On is so old-school that you can almost smell the metallic, chemical bouquet of the just-opened cassette tape."

"A style of garage that borders on Metallica-style speed metal."

"Best described as a combination of Turbonegro and The Hellacopters, this raucous debut album by the Brooklyn band is good, straightforward garage rock, fast catchy, and with a great sense of fun."
-MSN Headbang

"[Call of the Wild's "Choked Out"] will turn your engine on and gun it hard right from the go. It's built around a gassed-up riff, some head-whipping clean solos, hard-driving percussion, and scraped-raw vocals... Irresistibly infectious."