Monday, October 15, 2012

BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS on Metal Injection

Metal Injection's cameras recently caught a Behold The Arctopus rehearsal at The Thousand Caves, the Queens, NY studio owned by Behold founder and 12-string Warr guitarist Colin Marston. Captured on video are two songs off the band's upcoming new album, Horrorscension, due out October 23rd on Black Market Activities, as well as one brand new as-yet-unrecorded song.

In addition to Marston, Behold The Arctopus features guitarist Mike Lerner and new drummer Weasel Walter, a multi-instrumentalist known for his long-running, shape-shifting band The Flying Luttenbachers and for his collaborations across the free jazz, noise, and metal genres.

Behold's complex music is unique in that it is all composed in written form before ever being played. An early review of Horrorscension on Invisible Oranges praises the album's "endless blast-beats and shred riffs" while Metal Sucks christens it as "skullgrinding mindfuckery"!