Friday, October 26, 2012

FLOURISHING Intersubjectivity

It might read like a mess of comparisons but Decibel Magazine's Kevin Stewart-Panko hit the nail on the head when, in his review of Flourishing's 2011 full-length, The Sum of All Fossils, he described the band's sound as "Portal-esque rhythmic irreverence, Big Black-style noise rock, lurching Morbid Angel-meets-Soul of a New Machine death metal, and a bottom-heavy rumble injecting gooey gobs of sputtering warmth onto the mechanical/militaristic stomp of British industrial masters Slab, God, and Godflesh". An enthralling recombination of influences, The Sum of All Fossils was all this and more. Partly cryptic, partly anthemic, thoroughly cinematic, it pulled the listener through strange, vivid landscapes -- bleak and horrific, occasionally luminescent. 

The new EP, Intersubjectivity, carries forth where The Sum of All Fossils left off, further establishing the New York City band's command of its own signature sound. Here in full effect are drummer Brian Corcoran's primitive cadences and merciless blasts, bassist Eric Rizk's almighty "G.C. Green" frequencies, and frontman Garett Bussanick's gut-wrenching vocal purges and astral guitar work. Once more we are transported to the cold factory setting evoked by The Sum of All Fossils -- an ominous, unsettling place, awash in ambient tones and mechanical repetition -- then launched suddenly skyward by transcendent melodic passages. The overriding effect is trance-like. The listener surrenders to the will of the music as it leads a tour of extreme depths and heights.

Intersubjectivity was recorded and mixed by the band members themselves at Sound City in their hometown of Brooklyn, NY. It was mastered by Agalloch bassist Jason Walton at Audio Savant. The EP sees a November 13th release on The Path Less Traveled Records, the label that has released all of Flourishing's recordings to date, beginning with the 2010 debut EP, A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World.

Intersubjectivity track list:
1) A Living Sundial
2) The Petrifaction Lottery
3) Intersubjectivity