Tuesday, October 16, 2012

HIVESMASHER on GunShyAssassin

GunShyAssassin has posted a new Hivesmasher song featuring guest vocals by The Red Chord frontman (and Black Market Activities label boss) Guy Kozowyk. The blast-heavy bullet train of a song, "Can of Awesometism", appears on Hivesmasher's new album, Gutter Choir, out October 23rd on BMA.

GunShyAssassin editor Chris Harris names Gutter Choir, "one of the best records to hit shelves this year... If you dig crazy fast, punishing grind, Hivesmasher is your new poison."

A standout of the New England underground for several years, the Massachusetts band describe themselves as "a giant middle finger waved in the world's general direction". A recent review on MetalSucks prefers to classify it as "furious tongue-in-cheek chug-grind in the style of Wormrot and Graf Orlock".