Monday, November 12, 2012


With Intersubjectivity seeing its digital release tomorrow, November 13th, New York City trio Flourishing have handed over the EP to Invisible Oranges where it is now streaming in its entirety.

Invisible Oranges' Doug Moore writes: "Flourishing's music is massive, imposing, and eerie, like the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey... Garett Bussanick's guitars sound more like giant sheets of metal colliding than they do like guitars. These guitars pile up into ambient cloudforms above Eric Rizk and Brian Corcoran's scraping rhythms. It's death metal as a natural disaster: primal and devastating, but not actually malicious, and more beautiful than you'd expect."

A standout of the NYC scene that also includes Tombs and Pyrrhon, Flourishing layers dissonant death metal, industrial atmospheres, and transcendent melodies in a way that has been said to evoke the city itself. "The punishment is so relentless and vast that it takes on the ambient qualities of the urban landscape... It is a magnificent noise like New York City itself", according to Stereogum.

A recent review of the EP on BrooklynVegan declares, "Flourishing's brand of death metal approaches early Broadrick-ian heights... The new EP clearly shows the band's impressive death metal chops combined with noisy Godflesh-style dirge and purge."

Intersubjectivity can be purchased now via The Path Less Traveled Records. Following the digital release, a CD release is in the works for early 2013.