Tuesday, December 4, 2012

COMADRE on AltPress

Alternative Press presents the premiere of "Summercide", a song off Comadre's upcoming self-titled album.

A Bay Area band with a decade of work behind them, Comadre buck all punk rock conventions with their new self-titled album -- their third release for Vitriol Records and eighth release in all. With a sound that can be traced back to the pioneers of emotional hardcore, from Rites of Spring to Heroin, Comadre have evolved into a dynamic rock n' roll machine. Still bursting with angst, especially in frontman Juan Gabe's shredded vocals, Comadre wield a newfound command of melody and structure on Comadre, incorporating trumpets, pianos, organs, accordions, and tambourines into the mix.

Comadre sees a January 8th release on Vitriol Records, the label founded by Justin Smith of Graf Orlock and Ghostlimb. Pre-order the album here.

Look for Comadre on tour in 2013. To date, the band have played Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mexico, on top of numerous US and European tours.