Monday, December 17, 2012

COMADRE on BrooklynVegan

BrooklynVegan presents "King Worm", the latest new track to be revealed off Comadre's upcoming self-titled album. 

BrooklynVegan's Fred Pessaro writes, "My best guess is that you'd probably call Bay Area band Comadre's sound an offshoot of screamo, but that dirty word is far from fitting for a band this adventurous. On their self-titled effort, the band mixes bits of emotional hardcore with post-punk, Murder City Devils-style punk-n-roll, and all manner of rocking..."

Out January 8 on Vitriol Records, Comadre sees the long-running Redwood City, CA band wield a newfound command of melody and structure, incorporating trumpets, pianos, organs, accordions, and tambourines into the mix. The album was produced by Comadre guitarist Jack Shirley who has also recorded albums for Graf Orlock and Ghostlimb.

Look for Comadre on tour in 2013. To date, the band have played Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mexico, on top of numerous US and European tours.