Monday, February 25, 2013

PRISTINA on Deciblog

Decibel Magazine is now streaming "The Motherfucker", the lead track off Pristina's second album, Hopeless•Godless. The album sees its official release tomorrow, February 26, via The Path Less Traveled Records.

Decibel's Jeff Treppel writes of the Connecticut band, "It's not like [frontman Brendan K Duff's] band was ever chipper but their second album takes a particularly grim view of existence, as only metallic hardcore can. Still, his pain is our gain. Hopeless feels like 35 minutes of a guy pounding your face into the dirt while crying... 'The Motherfucker' leads off this litany of bruises and Decibel is pleased to ruin your day with a premiere of that track."

Pristina's sound - rhythmically punishing, emotionally wounded - has earned comparisons to Today Is The Day, Bloodlet, and Starkweather. A review in Decibel of the debut album read, "For all its supposed edginess, heavy music rarely dares touch 'the long, dark night of the soul'. This record dives headfirst into it."