Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PRISTINA on Invisible Oranges

With Pristina's second album, Hopeless•Godless, officially released today, Invisible Oranges presents a stream of the entire album.

A longtime supporter of Pristina, Invisible Oranges has praised the band's work since the debut album which IO founder Cosmo Lee named as "one of the few records in recent years that's frightened me with its power". Of the Connecticut band's new album, Hopeless•Godless, IO's Kelly Kettering writes, "Driven with breakdown-filled despair, this record will definitely connect with those of us that are hopeless and godless."

Pristina's sound, as desperate and savage as a wounded animal fighting to live, has earned comparisons to Today Is The Day, Bloodlet, and Starkweather. The Path Less Traveled Records releases Hopeless•Godless today digitally, with a limited CD pressing to follow.