Friday, February 22, 2013

PRISTINA on Revolver

Revolver Magazine presents the premiere of "The Black Syph" a song off Pristina's second album, Hopeless•Godless.

Musically akin to the darkest of the metallic hardcore greats, from Bloodlet to Starkweather, Pristina's sound is rhythmically punishing and soaked in absolute despair. Revolver hailed the band's 2009 debut EP as "a chaotic surge of hardcore intimidation, atonal riff bombardment, and sound collage psych ops" and the 2010 full-length, The Drought (ov Salt and Sorrow), earned these words in Decibel: "For all its supposed edginess, heavy music rarely dares touch 'the long, dark night of the soul'. This record dives headfirst into it."

Of the new album, Hopeless•Godless, Pristina frontman Brendan K Duff says, "This was a very difficult record to make, emotionally. The album is about the darkest period of my life."

A recent review on Invisible Oranges states: "Pristina floats in the grey space between metalcore, sludge, and noise rock... Strewn across the landscape of anger and self-loathing are moments of clarity and even sensitivity. Today Is The Day, whose Steve Austin recorded Pristina's previous album, comes to mind."

Hopeless•Godless is out February 26 on The Path Less Traveled Records.