Friday, March 1, 2013


Pristina's video for the song "The Immoralist", off the band's second album, Hopeless•Godless, has premiered today on MetalInjection.

The song itself premiered recently on InvisibleOranges, along with these words: "Pristina floats in the grey space between metalcore, sludge, and noise rock... Strewn across the landscape of anger and self-loathing are moments of clarity and even sensitivity. Today Is The Day, whose Steve Austin recorded Pristina's previous album, comes to mind."

Pristina's brand of metallic hardcore - equally punishing and fragile - has earned repeated comparisons to Today Is The Day, as well as Bloodlet and Starkweather. A review in Decibel Magazine once stated, "For all its supposed edginess, heavy music rarely dares touch 'the long, dark night of the soul'. [Pristina] dives headfirst into it."

Hopeless•Godless is available now digitally via The Path Less Traveled Records.