Wednesday, June 26, 2013


For its next release, Southern California label Melotov Records sets it sights eastward for a split seven-inch featuring two ferocious young East Coast hardcore prospects: Old Wounds and Trenchfoot. The Old Wounds/Trenchfoot split is set for an August 13th vinyl and digital release on Melotov.

New Jersey trio Old Wounds, whose debut album, From Where We Came Is Where We'll Rest, dropped in February to a storm of acclaim, have been touring all year, refining their live game alongside bands like Full of Hell. Taking their cues from metallic hardcore greats like Turmoil, Buried Alive, and Indecision, Old Wounds inject new life into the crushing, exhilarating vibe once wielded by that older generation of bands. described Old Wounds' debut as "lashing ahead at a furious hardcore clip... [it] pairs the maudlin pages of high school diaries with a grown-ass band's concision and power." With a schedule of over 70 shows so far in 2013, the workhorses show no signs of slowing down. They are confirmed to play the heralded The Power of the Riff Festival in Los Angeles in August as part of a full US summer tour and they plan to hit Europe this fall with none other than Trenchfoot.

Old Wounds' side of the Melotov split was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations (Pulling Teeth, Full of Hell) and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound (Capitalist Casualties, Magrudergrind).

From upstate New York's Hudson Valley, Trenchfoot are another awesome young band carrying forth the metallic hardcore power of their older brothers' era into a new realm. Their dark, heavy sound nods to the manic depression of Cursed and the epic crust of Tragedy, and they have cut their teeth in the past two years playing with every hardcore band that matters, from Agnostic Front to Converge.

Trenchfoot's side of the Melotov split was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East (Terror, Coliseum). Both of Trenchfoot's two prior releases - a self-titled 7" and the Endless Disgust 7" - were recorded by Converge's Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio.

The Old Wounds/Trenchfoot split seven-inch tracklist is as follows:

Old Wounds
1) An Ode to Love
2) The Sharpest Knife for the Blackest Heart

1) Hexing Hope
2) Come to Find
3) No Escape
4) Crimes of the Mind