Thursday, June 20, 2013


Black Market Activities presents Phantom Glue's second album, A War of Light Cones, set for a July 16th release.

Boston, Massachusetts crushers, equally versed in sludge, doom, and noise rock, Phantom Glue churn out their self-proclaimed "avalanche of distortion" with nods to Neurosis, Trouble, and The Jesus Lizard throughout. Colossal drums and bass charge forth while twin guitars cast evil spells. Exclaim! Magazine has hailed the band's sweet, mountain-moving din as "a heated bastion of caustic riffs and unearthly girth". Decibel Magazine praised their 2010 debut as, simply, "a headbanger's journey".

Beneath the music lies a heavy H.P. Lovecraft vibe, conjured through the supernatural lyrics and cover art of vocalist/guitarist Matt Oates. Oates describes A War of Light Cones specifically as "a nightmare/occult alternate history of Colonial America". A perfect sample of Phantom Glue's sound and vision, lead track "Perils" tells the tale of a trapper catching a creature whose pelt grants psychic gifts. Stream "Perils" here via The Boston Phoenix!

Phantom Glue's second album and their first for BMA, A War of Light Cones was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio (Torche, Today Is The Day). Ballou's connection to Phantom Glue dates back to the 90s when he and Matt Oates were bandmates in The Huguenots.

Phantom Glue's lineup is completed by guitarist Mike Gowell, bassist/vocalist Nick Wolf, and drummer Kyle Rasmussen.

A War of Light Cones' tracklist is as follows:

1) Perils
2) Captain Keith Pierce
3) Neurolizard
4) Bow in the Dust
5) Biocult
6) Arboreal
7) Test Pattern

The album will be available as a color vinyl 12" LP, with digital download, and can be pre-ordered here!