Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Family Drugs proudly presents the new release by the prolific Self Defense Family: an EP titled The Corrections Officer in Me.

A new collaboration between Twelve Gauge Records boss Jihad Rabah and producer Sam Pura, Family Drugs will release The Corrections Officer in Me on August 27th as a limited edition 12" EP and digital download.

Originally known as End of a Year, Self Defense Family is a self-proclaimed post-hardcore collective, renowned for doing its own thing by its own rules. The Family claims Cohoes, New York as a hometown but in fact members have hailed from as far as London, and the lineup, never identical from one record to the next, has ranged from a trio to a ten-piece. S.D.F.'s vast catalog features releases recorded across the globe, from Jamaica to Iceland to the Bay Area, and put out via a diverse list of labels, Deathwish Inc, Run for Cover, and Hex Records among them.

The Corrections Officer in Me was written and recorded in one 24-hour period with producer and Family Drugs co-owner Sam Pura at The Panda Studios in Fremont, California, during S.D.F.'s US tour of summer 2011. As vocalist Patrick Kindlon quips, it was "written and record under time constraints to produce material that is anxious and uncomfortable". Completed in a day, the music finally surfaces two years later as he second-ever release on Family Drugs.

On The Corrections Officer in Me, the band nod to the world-weary storytelling of Lungfish and the driving tension of Killing Joke. Living up to the promise of inducing anxiety, they generate uncomfortable clashes of bombast and melody. Kindlon, a formidable wordsmith, spins impassioned yarns over hypnotic basslines and guitars that range from the aggro to the textural. From the call-to-arms of "It's Not Good for the Man to Be Alone" to the quiet meditation of "The Bomber Will Always Get Through", the intensity never lets up.

Further evidence of Kindlon's silver tongue comes from his onstage banter, known to comprise as much stage time as the music, and from the band's website,, which is set up entirely as a Q&A format wherein Kindlon and other members eloquently answer thousands of questions submitted by fans.

Outside of Self Defense Family, Kindlon writes comic books, co-owns comics publisher Ashcan Press, fronts another band, Drug Church, and runs the newly launched Harm Reduction label along with Jami Morgan of Code Orange Kids. A DIY force to be reckoned with, the chatty frontman sums it up neatly: "I try to stay busy."

The tracklist of The Corrections Officer in Me is as follows:

1) It's Not Good for the Man to Be Alone
2) Pop Song Written on the Automall
3) The Bomber Will Always Get Through

Family Drugs releases the record August 27th as a one-sided 12" EP, available in three colors, and a digital download. The cover features a stark black and white photo of Kindlon's face, intended as a tribute to Killing Joke's Brighter Than a Thousand Suns cover.

Family Drugs releases are distributed exclusively by Deathwish Inc.