Thursday, June 20, 2013


Those familiar with New York City's Tiger Flowers know that they build upon the darkest metallic hardcore vibes of bands like Deadguy and Kiss It Goodbye, and that frontman Jesse Madre's intensity and sincerity are unmatched - and that all this is oddly-yet-perfectly balanced by the fact that Madre riffs like a stand-up comedian onstage and that the band cite early Motley Crue as a key inspiration. A staple of the New York scene, possessing a storied live show that has been described as both a tribal ceremony and a keg party gone wrong, Tiger Flowers have released one self-titled EP to date and are currently at work on their debut full-length album with producer Elliot Geller (Malignancy, Dim Mak) and mastering engineer Shane Frisby (Turmoil, Revocation). There is no label confirmed to release the album as of yet.

The band have teamed up with to reveal the first glimpse of the as-yet-untitled new album, in the form of a short, sharp shock of a song called "Cruisin' 'Til the Wheels Fall Off". Stream the song here!

Kicking off with the lyrics, "Goddamn, it was crazy / Deep in the jungle at eighteen / For the American dream", the song is apparently inspired by Sylvester Stallone's John Rambo character. Frontman Jesse Madre explains:

"There's the scene in First Blood where Rambo is talking with the colonel about how he thought it was going to be different when he got back, how he and his buddies were going to go cruisin'. They were just going to cruise until the wheels fell off but all his friends had died, some of them right next to him. I have friends who are in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. I have friends who have kids over there and their kids are watching their buddies get blown up. Whether you believe in the war or not, motherfuckers are dying. I think Rambo nails it in that first movie, what it was like to come home to a country that didn't want you."

Madre gives some further insight into the new album:

"Going in this time we basically went in there with the 'fuck you' Motley Crue attitude, that we were just going to play our music loud and fast and see what happens. Overall I think this record has a much more rock n' roll feel to it. The songs we have done are shorter, with the same dynamics that make us Tiger Flowers but a more rock approach that's a little more to the point. I think it's very much a Tiger  Flowers record but from the future."

Stay tuned for more news as Tiger Flowers continue work on the debut album, and see the band live at these shows:

Tiger Flowers, Hush:
June 21 - River Head, NY @ Wild Wood Bowling Alley
June 22 - Brooklyn, NY @ Public Assembly

Tiger Flowers, East of the Wall:
July 26 - Boston, MA @ Roggie's
July 27 - New Bedford, MA @ No Problemo

July 28 - Portland, ME @ tba