Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TIGER FLOWERS in the studio

The New York City wrecking balls known as Tiger Flowers are at work on their debut full-length album. Those familiar with Tiger Flowers know that they build upon the darkest metallic hardcore vibes of bands like Deadguy and Kiss It Goodbye, and that frontman Jesse Madre's intensity and sincerity are unmatched... and that all this is oddly-yet-perfectly balanced by the fact that Madre riffs like a stand-up comedian onstage and that the band cite early Motley Crue as a key inspiration. They were a staple of my Precious Metal shows and they're now a standout of the New York scene at large. They have released only one self-titled EP so far and I can't wait for them to really make their mark with the full-length. It's being recorded and mixed by Elliot Geller (Malignancy, Dim Mak) and mastered by Shane Frisby (Turmoil, Revocation). As of today, there is no label confirmed for it.