Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Melotov Records presents its release of These Roots Grow Deep, by Los Angeles band Calculator.

These Roots Grow Deep is a complete collection of Calculator's recorded material from the band's first three years of existence, 2007-2009. The songs were recorded at various locations including The Earth Capital in LA with producer Alex Estrada (Nails, Touche Amore, Xibalba, Globe and Beast). Originally released in 2010 and now long out of print, These Roots Grow Deep finally gets its day in the sun via Melotov Records' reissue - a limited edition of 500 white vinyl LPs featuring new artwork.

Players in California's recent post-hardcore boom, Calculator rank amongst Touche Amore, Loma Prieta and Comadre - bands rooted in hardcore, using emotion and dynamics to the fullest extent. Calculator's impassioned delivery and wide dynamic range, from frantic to fragile, bring to mind 90s screamo ancestors like Portraits of Past and Saetia. Yearning vocals lead clean guitar tones and an ironclad rhythm section through anthems of honesty. 

Melotov's reissue of These Roots Grow Deep is set for an August 27th release. Meanwhile, Calculator's first proper full-length, This Will Come to Pass, was self-released in June - stream/download/buy LP.

Pre-order These Roots Grow Deep.

The tracklist is as follows:
1) Zero
2) Breathing In
3) Breathing Out
4) Our Homes, Our Graves
5) Paradise
6) Bandages
7) Jesus
8) Fivethousand
9) Abroad
10) 2012
11) Friendslikepaddles
12) Presence
13) Memorial
14) Untitled

Calculator are currently on the road in the midst of a full US tour:
July 30 - Champaign, IL - The Math Lab
July 31 - Kalamazoo, MI - The 411 Club
Aug 1 - Grand Rapids, MI - DAAC
Aug 2 - Milwaukee, WI - Zoolander Center
Aug 3 - Chicago, IL - Gnarfest
Aug 6 - Missoula, MT - Zootown Arts
Aug 7 - Seattle, WA - Hollow Earth Radio
Aug 8 - Portland, OR - Laughing Horse
Aug 9 - Oakland, CA - Casa De Kitty 
Aug 10 - San Luis Obispo - 2K7 House