Tuesday, July 16, 2013


In celebration of the release of Stomach Earth's self-titled debut today on Black Market Activities, MetalSucks presents a stream of the entire album. 

MetalSucks' Axl Rosenberg reports: "Stomach Earth is the sound of dread, your worst nightmares in audio form. It is a creature of indescribably wretched and horrifying form that has you helplessly cornered, lumbering slowly towards you..."

The solo project of The Red Chord guitarist Mike "Gunface" McKenzie, Stomach Earth conjures a massive, morbid sound, recalling the minimalist power of early Godflesh and the underworldly grandeur of early Cathedral. Exclaim Magazine likens the death-doom debut to "the relentless pull of a maelstrom in an ocean of bubbling pitch. Bleak, terrifying, and relentlessly heavy"!

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