Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hot on the heels of No Sir's The Future Is Bright, Twelve Gauge Records presents its next home runthe self-titled debut album by Nervous, out September 24th.

From Oakland, California, Nervous consists of frontman Jake Spek (Lewd Acts) and drummer Jacob Harris (Big Kids, Acid Fast). Best friends and co-pilots of Oakland DIY venue The Hive, Spek and Harris have announced Nervous to be their new priority. This is no side project, this is a real band with its own sound.

There's something of a Nirvana vibe with Nervous - or, more accurately, Nervous is inspired by many of the same bands Kurt Cobain espoused: Wipers, Pixies, The Jesus Lizard. Spek and Harris take these inspirations and twist them into anxiety-ridden California punk anthems. Spek's unhinged vocals are an absolute standout, something like David Yow in a really fired-up mood. His lyrics address true everyday struggles of the broke, lazy, and intelligent, and honesty seeps through his every word. When he sings about being depressed, it's not depressing - on the contrary, he pulls you right in and makes you want to shout along, and you're left applauding him for having the courage to be so real. From the album's opening track, "Good Morning": "Absolutely no sense of urgency / Not going to work, that is a certainty / I don't want to hang out, that shit is boring / I got a cut on my leg that won't stop bleeding / I think that I'm decomposing."

Stream "Good Morning" on Cvlt Nation!

Recorded and mixed by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta) and mastered by Alan Douches (Converge and so many more), Nervous' self-titled debut sounds clear and rich, rock-solid and rocking. The tracklist is as follows:

1) Good Morning
2) Cog in the Machine
3) Day Off
4) Perfection
5) Home
6) Birthday Party
7) Satire About a Vampire
8) Vulture
9) Hungry
10) Can't Feel a Thing

Nervous will take its show on the road for the first time this fall, with plans to hit the full US. Live, Spek and Harris will be joined by a touring bassist, replacing Jon Schmitt (Beau Navire) who played on the record.