Thursday, August 29, 2013


Brooklyn band Netherlands proudly announces the completion of its second album, Silicon Vapor, set for an October 29th release.

Netherlands is fronted by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis, whose mile-long musical resume includes collaborations with Yoko Ono, Melvins, John Zorn, Cibo Matto, Gibby Haynes, and more.

A man with over 20 years' experience as a composer, session player, and solo artist, Ellis created Netherlands as an outlet for his most grandiose rock tendencies. A trio completed by drummer Dave Burnett and synth-bassist Sam Levin, Netherlands is an all-out, unrestrained force of musical color, and Silicon Vapor is the album on which this band comes into its own. 

On Silicon Vapor, Netherlands rejects restraint in favor of maximum impact: shredding chops, soaring vocals, and maddening hooks, all laced with goofball quirk. Following Ellis' mission statement of making music that is equally "light-hearted, brutal, ecstatic", Netherlands crushes decades' worth of bombast into psychotropic nuggets of evil rock bliss. With nods to the dirtbag rituals of 70s heavy metal, the grandeur of 80s arena rock, and the crunch and hooks of 90s alternative, the threesome pounds out what Time Out New York has called "a kind of futuristic biker rock... a burst of anti-intellectual glee."

To put Netherlands in a modern context, lines could be drawn to Ghost, Queens of the Stone Age, and Torche - bands that combine melodic euphoria, sweet grooves, and apocalyptic drive. But make no mistake, Netherlands takes that vibe and dropkicks it hard into bizarro prog hyperspace, outside the familiar realms. The weirdest pop act of the year or the most joyous metalheads? Either way. Netherlands is a band of extremes and will not be pinned down.

A treat for the ears, Silicon Vapor was recorded by John Davis at The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, New York (Moby, The Roots), mixed by Bryce Goggin (Swans, Pavement), and mastered by Ron Shaffer (Tricky). 

The Silicon Vapor tracklist is as follows:

1) Vapors
2) Tabitha
3) Deathling
4) Undead Horses
5) Robot Fail
6) Sixteen
7) Palestine
8) Black Fractal
9) Acid Monkeys
10) About A Whale
11) Nairobi Finger
12) Acetaminophen
13) Teenage Blood Runt
14) Silicon Vapor

Cover art and layout are by designer Todd Kancar. The album will be available in three formats: digital, CD, and a limited pressing of 500 double LPs (100 black vinyl; 400 clear, 180-gram vinyl).

In its five-year existence, Netherlands has played shows with Black Flag, Melt-Banana, Valient Thorr, The Death Set, Naam, Vaz, and many more. Look out for a whole lot more live activity in the months to come.