Tuesday, August 27, 2013


With Self Defense Family's new EP, The Corrections Officer In Me, officially out today on Family Drugs, New Noise Magazine offers a stream of the full EP.

AltPress.com's 4/5 review of The Corrections Officer In Me compares frontman Patrick Kindlon to "Lou Reed" and describes his delivery as "provocative and full of tension and unease, the sound of somebody at odds with the world around him". A review on About.com calls the EP "unbelievably raw and unrestricted... reminiscent of a moment when alternative music was defined by rebellion."

A shape-shifting collective, rooted in, but not limited to, the post-hardcore sound of the Dischord Records roster, Self Defense Family have made a name in the underground by  ignoring normal rock band rules concerning genres, lineups, and release schedules. With a rotating cast of musicians from across the US and UK, S.D.F. have recorded music at studios across the globe, following whatever musical and non-musical inspirations strike them, and have put out releases via a long list of labels, including Deathwish Inc, Run For Cover, Hex, Family Drugs, and more.

Outside Self Defense Family, frontman Kindlon is known as the vocalist for Drug Church, cofounder of Harm Reduction Records with Jami Morgan of Code Orange Kids, and owner of Ashcan Press, a comic book publisher.

Order The Corrections Officer In Me from Family Drugs. Family Drugs releases are distributed exclusively by Deathwish Distribution.