Monday, August 12, 2013


PunkNews presents the premiere of the new Self Defense Family song, "Pop Song Written on the Automall", appearing on the band's upcoming EP, The Corrections Officer In Me, out August 27th on Family Drugs

Self Defense Family, formerly known as End Of A Year, is a mercurial collective whose shifting lineup consists of anywhere from three to ten members, hailing from around the US and the UK. The sound is rooted in the works of post-hardcore leaders like Fugazi and Lungfish, while "Pop Song Written On The Automall" also shows off a heavy Killing Joke influence (as does the cover of The Corrections Officer In Me, a nod to Killing Joke's Brighter Than A Thousand Suns cover). Frontman Patrick Kindlon is a formidable wordsmith and also a DIY force who, in addition to his role in Self Defense Family, fronts Drug Church, runs Harm Reduction Records with Jami Morgan of Code Orange Kids, and helms Ashcan Press, a comics publisher. Self Defense Family has released music on a wide range of labels, including Deathwish Inc, Run For Cover, Hex Records, and now, Family Drugs.

Family Drugs is a new label co-founded by Jihad Rabah of Twelve Gauge Records and producer Sam Pura whose acclaimed series, "The Waiting Room", has seen him work with Touche Amore, Loma Prieta, and many more. Family Drugs releases are distributed exclusively by Deathwish Distribution.

Pre-order The Corrections Officer In Me.