Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Chicago trio Czar has completed work on its second full-length album. Titled No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive, this new modern-day classic is set for a November 5th release on the band's own label, Cracknation Records.

Czar ambushed the underground in late 2011 with the release of its staggering debut full-length, Vertical Mass Grave. A surprise critical hit of the year, Vertical Mass Grave combined machine-like metal with ambient expanse and olympian hooks. Terrorizer Magazine saw the band "seamlessly fusing a Mastodon-sized slab of riffage and the slightly more clinical approach inherent with death metal", while also "firmly reaching to more experimental post-metal realms."

After the album's release, Czar - comprised of guitarist/vocalist Jason Novak, guitarist Brian Elza and drummer Dan Brill - proceeded to tour the nation as main support for the legendary Killing Joke.

In summer 2013, the band returned to Great Western Record Recorders, where the debut was birthed, and recorded the follow-up, again with producer Matt Talbott (known also as the frontman for 90s hitmakers Hum). Mixed and mastered by the band, christened with a title that Cormac McCarthy should be jealous of, and locked in for a November 4th release on Cracknation, No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive is a metallic rock masterpiece and a shoo-in for the 2013 year-end lists.

A dense sonic feast - blissfully natural and unprocessed, relative to today's norm -  No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive sees layers of melody, dissonance, polyrhythms and groove unite into anthems that are equally aggressive and precise, cryptic and soulful. No One Is Alone If No One Is Alive is the definitive document of Czar's sound to date and it belongs in the company of those classic albums that pushed the envelope while still absolutely rocking - from Heartwork to Slip.

The tracklist is as follows:

1) Whorchard
2) Aortic Flower
3) Black In Black
4) Fuming Rotter
5) Lurvy
6) She's So Heavy
7) Spitter Attack
8) Megafauna
9) Priestess
10) Empty Thrones

Czar will be ramping up its live assault throughout the fall and winter, including Chicago dates with none other than Morbid Angel and Godflesh.

Guitarist/vocalist Jason Novak is also at the helm of "Cold Waves II", a 2-day industrial rock festival, September 27-28 at Metro. Featuring Prong, Skrew, Revolting Cocks members, 16volt and more, "Cold Waves II" aims to shine a well-deserved spotlight on Chicago's place in the history of industrial music, as well as raise money for suicide-prevention charity Hope for the Day, an organization that uses music and the arts to reach troubled kids. Czar members' other bands Acucrack and Iron Lung Corp will both be performing, as well as simultaneously releasing new albums, October 1st on Cracknation Records.