Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SO HIDEOUS + Invisible Oranges

Invisible Oranges presents the premiere of "My Light", the first song to be revealed off Last Poem/First Light, the debut full-length by So Hideous.

From New York City, So Hideous combines intense, blackened hardcore with orchestral elements. The supremely cathartic result lies somewhere between 90s German legends Acme and a John Williams film score. For the debut album, Last Poem/First Light, out October 22nd, an actual orchestra and choir performed live in the studio with the band to help create the majestic songs. 

Invisible Oranges editor Doug Moore writes, "An even blend of hardcore, post-rock, and black metal... Last Poem/First Light sounds tonally huge and powerful, which is important for such melodically delicate music... The softer textures enrich the guitars, rather than overwhelming them."

Last Poem/First Light was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Agnostic Front, Lucero) and mastered by Scott Hull (not the Pig Destroyer guitarist but the mastering engineer whose credits include Sting and Lou Reed).

An early review of Last Poem/First Light on American Aftermath states, "A raging force of post-black metal frothing with shoegaze and oozing with torutred melancholy... It's deep. It's profound. It's astounding. Everything this band has done has led up to this release and I have never heard anything so magnificent."