Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SO HIDEOUS + Revolver

Revolver Magazine presents the premiere of "Rising", the opening track off So Hideous' debut full-length, Last Poem/First Light.

"Rising" lashes forth like a feral animal, possessing all the intensity of blackened hardcore legends Acme and announcing the New York City band's intent in no uncertain terms. What makes the song even more powerful is that underneath the rage lies an orchestral foundation - actual strings, horns, and choir, recorded live in the studio by The First Light Orchestra. The result is a feast for the ears - a rich, cinematic experience, drenched in emotion.

Last Poem/First Light is set for an October 22nd release. The album was recorded and mixed by Dean Baltulonis (Agnostic Front, Lucero). A review on American Aftermath states, "A raging force of post-black metal frothing with shoegaze and oozing with tortured melancholy... It's deep. It's profound. It's astounding."

Another song off the new album, "My Light", was premiered recently by Invisible Oranges.