Tuesday, February 4, 2014

HIGH WATER + New Noise

With the self-titled debut LP by High Water out today on Vitriol Records, New Noise Magazine premieres the Bay Area band's video for the song, "Blue Highway".

Produced by Jack Shirley, producer of Deafheaven's Sunbather, High Water's debut LP evokes the earnest, weathered vibe of certain early '90s rock, a far cry from the hardcore punk of High Water frontman Neal Sharma's other band, Ghostlimb

Vitriol Records boss (and Sharma's bandmate in Ghostlimb), Justin Smith, has described High Water's sound as "somewhere between guitar-centric '90s rock and whiskey-soaked awesomeness". Smith was named "one of the most interesting people in Los Angeles" by the LA Weekly in its "People 2013" issue.

"Cali rockers High Water bring the crunch and power of '90s-era alt-rock roaring back... Fronted by Neal Sharma of hardcore noisemongers Ghostlimb, the band specializes in hard, feedbacky pop, coming across as a wry-voiced, less tangled-up Dinosaur Jr."
-High Times

"Bay Area rockers High Water... sound like no time has passed since Husker Du, The Replacements, and Dinosaur Jr were influential on the alternative-leaning mainstream..."

"Telecaster guitar-driven earnestness and 'whiskey-soaked awesomeness' taken straight from the Nineties. Singer Neal Sharma does double duty in the hardcore band Ghostlimb, and one can detect the punk rock aesthetic in some of the driving riffs... But these songs are crafted in the traditional sense, with hooky melodies, building dynamics, and prominent lyrics... In an era of increasingly louder, heavier, and more produced music, the band's stripped-down approach feels especially welcome."
-East Bay Express

"High Water is the new project from Neal Sharma of hardcore punkers Ghostlimb, which finds him trading the frenetic tempos of that band for a more measured approach... While some may say he is channeling the louder side of indie rock bands such as Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements, this band also reaches back and gets the classic lurch and volume of Neil Young's work with Crazy Horse... High Water has done an excellent job of taking this classic sound and updating it for the present day. It shows that indie rock can still have a little bit of grit and dirt."