Thursday, March 27, 2014

JAR'D LOOSE Turns 13

Jar'd Loose returns with the release of its second album, Turns 13. Produced by Pete Grossman (Harm's Way, Weekend Nachos) and mastered by Today Is The Day's Steve Austin (Converge, Unsane, Deadguy), Turns 13 sees the co-ed Chicago quartet perfect its unusual vision of acidic noise-rock, metallic thud, and classic rock sass. The album drops May 27th as a vinyl LP on Threshold of Pain Records, and as a CD and digital download on The Path Less Traveled Records.

Jar'd Loose's 2012 debut album Goes To Purgatory was described by Decibel Magazine as a "sinewy take on noise-rock" that evoked "the '90s and bands all the way from Karp and Helmet to Janitor Joe and The Jesus Lizard." Much like that elder generation, Jar'd Loose bashes out driving riff-fests that could be straight-up headbanger anthems if they weren't so weird. These are songs you'll hum all day, yet whether it's an unexpected chord, a bizarre vocal, or a bar of odd-time slipped in, something always mucks things up and exposes the creeps behind the curtain. And beneath frontman Eddie Gobbo's strangulated rasp is madman poetry in the spirit of Yow – on Turns 13's closer, "The Yarn Store," over a hellbound stomp, he spits: "I know your girlfriend / She's a puppet / She talks shit when you stick your hand up her / Here's your inch / Give me your mile / We're on a plane ride with Artimus Pyle."

Though reverent of the '90s, the band has sailed far beyond any definable style on Turns 13. "We consciously wanted to go deep with elements of garage rock and '70s rock, Aerosmith and Alice Cooper, and not shy away from any potential risk," states Gobbo. "Anytime we were on the fence about doing something on this album, we did it." The result is songs like "Full Body Cast" and "Turning 13" with their bluesy grooves and "Isthmus" with its acoustic hook, as well as various instances of bassist Eva Bialecki's haunting backing vocals.

From the start, the thing that separated Jar'd Loose from the pack was its ability to be simultaneously so damn catchy and so damn odd. On Turns 13, this duality is taken to new heights. Terrorizer Magazine christened Jar'd Loose's Goes to Purgatory as "one of the most exciting debuts of the year" in 2012; Turns 13 will no doubt be known as one of 2014's most daring sophomore jams.

The Turns 13 tracklist is as follows:

1) The Light Took Us
2) Jackson the Pollock
3) Summer of Lung
4) Adult Prom
5) Carrion Guy
6) Full Body Cast
7) Isthmus
8) Turning 13
9) The Yarn Store

Jar'd Loose is a fixture of the current Chicago scene, wherein Gobbo moonlights as a promoter of local metal and hardcore shows under the name Unholy Empire. Jar'd Loose has torn up Chicago stages with a range of bands that points to the range of styles within itself – from Obituary to Fu Manchu – and has completed several US tours. The band saddles up and hits the road this spring for short tours with Fuck The Facts and The Swan King.

w/ Fuck The Facts:
Apr 18 - Oshkosh, WI @ The Underground
Apr 19 - Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club

w/ The Swan King:
May 30 - Columbus, OH @ Carabar
Jun 2 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's
Jun 3 - Brooklyn, NY @ St Vitus
Jun 4 - Philadelphia, PA @ JR's
Jun 5 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
Jun 6 - Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
Jun 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers