Wednesday, April 23, 2014


From out of nowhere comes the next crucial debut of 2014: the self-titled EP by Gloom, a new, heretofore unknown band from Washington DC. 

Not to be confused with the Japanese crust punks of the same name, Gloom is that rare metal band that uses its technical prowess to create supremely memorable songs. Precise and concise, gloriously efficient, the tracks that comprise Gloom's debut wow with their musicality and their simplicity, making their deadly points in an average time of 3 minutes each. 

Gloom frontman Bill Calomiris names Suffocation and Gorgoroth as his biggest inspirations. Add to that mix some Down or Crowbar, and the skeleton of the Gloom sound takes shape. In the words of MetalSucks: "The band's genre-bending brand of towering, savage blackened death groove is so overwhelming, so powerful, it's guaranteed to do things to your head: get stuck in it, and completely fucking obliterate it."

Stream "Unrequited," off Gloom's self-titled EP, exclusively on MetalSucks.

The Gloom EP, set for a June 24th release, was produced by Marshall Wieczorek, drummer of Victory Records metallers Wretched. Wieczorek has achieved a sound that is fat and crystalline, a brilliant slab of modern metal. The cover art was created by Steven Mercado (Dillinger Escape Plan).

The tracklist is as follows:
1) Intro
2) Entity
3) Iron Tongue
4) Unrequited
5) Erotema
6) Chromosomal

Gloom, live:
May 3 - Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar w/ The Wayward