Wednesday, May 28, 2014

GLOOM + Revolver

Revolver Magazine is now streaming "Chromosomal," a track off Gloom's self-titled debut EP.

The Washington, D.C. band has been aptly described by MetalSucks as "towering, savage, blackened death groove"; frontman Bill Calomiris names Suffocation, Gorgoroth, and Crowbar as influences.

Loudwire recently put Gloom on its ongoing list of "Best Metal Songs of 2014," branding the band as "sonic obliteration."

While many bands dazzle with their technicality, Gloom transcend the herd by using their shred in the service of concise, memorable songs. On the Gloom EP, they one-up the try-hards and slay eardrums with short, sweet, modern metal anthems which are, as MetalSucks attests, "guaranteed to do things to your head: get stuck in it and completely fucking obliterate it."

Out June 24th, Gloom was produced by Marshall Wieczorek of Wretched and features cover art by Steven Mercado (Dillinger Escape Plan).

Stream Gloom's "Unrequited" on MetalSucks.
Stream Gloom's "Entity" on GunShyAssassin.