Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HUSH. + Revolver

HUSH. has revealed "We Left Like Birds," the next new song off its upcoming debut full-length, Unexist. 

Stream "We Left Like Birds" exclusively via Revolver Magazine.

Out June 24th, Unexist was mixed by Scott Evans (Old Man Gloom, Ladder Devils) and mastered by Brad Boatright (High on Fire, Nails).

Invisible Oranges, who recently premiered "Solus," the opening track off Unexist, gave the album this review: "HUSH. are often compared to the canny mind-rewirers in Neurosis, particularly their Times of Grace. Indeed, Unexist operates similarly: it takes extremes of volume-as-texture and rockets the respective decibels at the others in a game of post-metal chicken. The crash begets new forms... Times of Grace is a touchstone, sure, but so are bands like Bloodlet. HUSH. is punker than most epic post- peers. The punk gene is still evident, not muted by years of splicing. It gives Unexist a sorely needed immediacy..."

American Aftermath, who premiered "Eater of All Things," another track off the new album, wrote: "Extremely thick and heavy, with tinges of melody. It calls to mind bands like sludge/post-metal greats Neurosis, and more recent doom darlings Thou... Unexist is an intelligent and blisteringly heavy monolith that puts a lot of records in its class to shame."

HUSH., based in Albany, NY, features former and current members of From Ashes Rise, Self Defense Family, and Endicott.