Tuesday, May 27, 2014

JAR'D LOOSE + Decibel

With Jar'd Loose's second full-length, Turns 13, out today on The Path Less Traveled Records (CD and digital) and Threshold of Pain Records (vinyl), Decibel Magazine hosts a stream of the entire album.

Produced by Pete Grossman (Harm's Way, Weekend Nachos) and mastered by Today Is The Day's Steve Austin (Converge, Unsane), Turns 13 proves Jar'd Loose to be true oddballs with the courage to be as creepy and as mainstream as they please. Swaggering dirt rock, cryptic lyrics, and shockingly melodic hooks show the band taking influence not only from the AmRep scene but from the past four decades of commercial rock radio as well. 

Jar'd Loose kick off a short tour this week with fellow Chicagoans The Swan King (member of Pelican).

May 30 - Columbus, OH @ Carabar
May 31 - Akron, OH @ Old Haunts Tavern
Jun 1 - Albany, NY @ The Lowbeat Club
Jun 2 - Boston, MA @ O'Brien's
Jun 3 - Brooklyn, NY @ St Vitus
Jun 4 - Philadelphia, PA @ JR's
Jun 5 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
Jun 6 - Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
Jun 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers
Jun 8 - Chicago, IL @ Burlington

"A scathing blast of chest-caving fun... Turns 13 is a grinding, twisted, dynamic batch of noise-rock anti-anthems full of acidic riffs and The Jesus Lizard-esque bile... Sick, sinuous and sly."
–The A.V. Club

"Turns 13... finds this unhinged quartet developing their brash noisy sound even further... and producing sarcastic, vitriol-drenched noise rock."

"Treading on '90s material similar to peers like Pissed Jeans and Blacklisters, Turns 13 almost feels like a 'how to' guide to angst... The band is extremely capable and though they wear their influences on their sleeves one could hardly accuse them of slavish imitation. Jar'd Loose hits certain notes just right, notes that will surely resonate with ne'er-do-wells everywhere."

"They are a band unlike any other, which makes them above rating. Extreme to exhilaration, opener 'The Light Took Us' is vocalist Eddie Gobbo going swamp thing while the band shovels sludge, snarl and fuzz trauma against a stoner groove. Insanity with a bullhorn and lyrics to make Don Van Vliet proud, the epic title track alone is worth the ticket to the midway. It's reckless abandon for the less-than-innocent."

"Some of the best off-kilter noisy rock available today – twisted, strange and wonderful."

"Jesus-Lizard-meets-dirty-rock swagger."
–Gear Gods

"Swing and groove for days? Check. Hooks designed to reel in the most elusive of great whites? Check. Enough moss to make a Southern-fried sludge enthusiast tight in the jeans? Double check. And I haven't even mentioned the bratty punk vibe permeating throughout the album. It's like Jar'd Loose gave so many fucks about fucking shit up that they forgot to give a fuck about you, the listener... Don't be too surprised when this ends up on my year-end list."
–Last Rites

"The down-tuned Helmet-like grooves will leave you bruised and scarred but are also so alluring that they will keep you crawling back for more. Vocalist Eddie Gobbo's raspy snarls spew forth tongue-in-cheek lyricism all over the filthy rhythms... Turns 13 is a hard-hitting and gleefully oddball record."
–American Aftermath

"The group's mix of noise rock, early hardcore, gutter rock, '90s indie, and death metal is one weird amalgamation, but one Jar'd Loose make work incredibly well... At the front of Jar'd Loose is frontman Eddie Gobbo... He's snotty, confrontational, unhinged, pissed off, deranged, and absolutely impossible to turn away from."

–Meat Mead Metal