Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Out now: ACxDC

June 24 - ACxDC - Antichrist Demoncore - Melotov Records

"Vicious powerviolence stylings"

"Bursts of moshpit-friendly hardcore aggression – both funny and socially aware"
–LA Weekly

"Our favorite post-Suicidal Tendencies blastcore band"

"A blasting, hardcore/punk, powerviolence fueled adrenaline rush of skull crushing greatness"

"The quintet can start, stop, and shift with the skills of Lack of Interest, bruise bodies and eardrums by way of Crossed Out breakdowns, and stealthily slip a knife under your guard a la Slap A Ham's finer satirists."
–Invisible Oranges

"One of the standout albums of 2014"
–Cvlt Nation

"By following the spirit of the original grindcore bands and not the letter of the law, ACxDC achieves the same exhilaration of Scum and Reek of Putrefaction while the more cvlt acolytes just seem bland."

"Sludgy breakdowns amidst blastbeats and pummeling, thick, dark riffs all culminate into a violent spastic concoction. Call it whatever genre title you conjure, 'evil shit' is good enough for me."
–New Noise

"LA quintet ACxDC have a self-titled debut on the way, nearly eleven years into their career, and it's dipped in all the goodness that powerviolence has to offer, while including the diversity that a strict genre record would individually lack... It is truly all killer, no filler."
–Last Rites

"One of the most relentless, unapologetic grind albums of 2014... They totally destroy and they are the embodiment of West Coast grindcore."
–American Aftermath

"ACxDC have realized their potential on this album. It burns with anger and creativity... This album shows a band at the height of their powers."