Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Out now: GLOOM

"The band's genre-bending brand of towering, savage blackened death groove is so overwhelming, so powerful, it's guaranteed to do things to your head: get stuck in it, and completely fucking obliterate it."

"Aside from the obvious black and death metal influences, there's also an abundance of doomy, swaggering groove to be found on tracks like 'Unrequited' and 'Erotema.' If you listen closely enough, you can even occasionally hear a smidge of Phil Anselmo in Bill Calomiris' vocal delivery. There's not a single song that exceeds four minutes, and the result is an EP that's brief but also incredibly focused and intense..."

"Best Metal Songs of 2014... Sonic obliteration."

"These Washington, D.C. lads have sludge-meat stuck to their death metal skeleton... Ridiculously awesome."
–Last Rites

"Like a towering slab of granite... laying down thick layers of foreboding on those who dare listen."
–Gear Gods

"Gloom are a D.C.-based band who kick major fucking ass... An exciting amalgam of all metal styles."
–Gun Shy Assassin

"Full of thick grooves with death metal-tinged twists."
–American Aftermath

"Downtuned aggression, death metal, and atmosphere."
–Disposable Underground