Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Out now: HUSH.

"Although HUSH. is comprised of members of crust (From Ashes Rise), post-punk (Self Defense Family), and metal/hardcore hybrid (Endicott) bands, the group is more than the sum of its parts... Unexist is, at its heart, a blast of apocalyptic sludge in the vein of Neurosis. Don't write these guys off as clones, though. HUSH. have a distinct sound and are much more raw and angry than their Californian predecessors."
–Metal Injection

"HUSH. are often compared to the canny mind-rewirers in Neurosis, particularly their Times of Grace. Indeed, Unexist operates similarly: it takes extremes of volume-as-texture and rockets the respective decibels at the others in a game of post-metal chicken. The crash begets new forms... Times of Grace is a touchstone, sure, but so are bands like Bloodlet. HUSH. is punker than most epic post- peers. The punk gene is still evident, not muted by years of splicing. It gives Unexist a sorely needed immediacy..."
–Invisible Oranges

"While the overwhelming glut of bands self-labeled as doom or sludge is enough to nauseate any listener, the Albany-based HUSH. have created something genuinely special with their debut. It's seven tracks of punishingly heavy music, yes, but it's also a damn impressive first step for a band that looks to resist the onslaught of metal mediocrity by interpreting rather than channeling their influences."
–Steel for Brains

"A raw and achingly melodic record... While one of doom's universal characteristics is a profound heaviness, created with glacial pacing and burdensome riffs, HUSH. somehow make the idea of musical weight feel fresh again."

"The debut album from New York's HUSH. is brimming with heaviness that appears to be in limitless supply. The band has a Neurosis vibe, from the sludge-covered guitar riffs to the hoarse screaming..."

"Extremely thick and heavy, with tinges of melody. It calls to mind bands like sludge/post-metal greats Neurosis, and more recent doom darlings Thou... Unexist is an intelligent and blisteringly heavy monolith that puts a lot of records in its class to shame."
–American Aftermath

"A relentless beast, an album that's filled to the brim with dissonant, murky as fuck riffage... It balances between bleak sludge and doom, but they also have a fondness of large ambient section too which really give these tracks a feeling of grandeur and depth."
–Rock N Reel