Monday, September 22, 2014

DIVIDER + MetalSucks

Much has been written in recent weeks about the devastating sludge-core of Divider's debut LP, All Barren, which MetalSucks today calls "one of the most auspicious debuts of the year." Comparisons to early Isis and Tombs have abounded; MetalInjection likened the listen to "having your face pressed into a belt sander."

Today, with the release of All Barren looming just one day away – September 23rd on Glory Kid – MetalSucks premieres album closer "Silently Marching," showing off a completely different side of the Long Island, New York band. A slow-building epic with shades of Smashing Pumpkins, "Silently Marching" features guest vocals by Tym, former frontman of Daytrader. "Epic, cinematic, haunting," in the words of MetalSucks, "Silently Marching" is now streaming right here.

All Barren was produced by Will Yip (Circa Survive, Blacklisted) and mastered by Bill Henderson (Enabler, Most Precious Blood). Frontman Chris Tzompanakis (ex-Skycamefalling) has stated that much of the inspiration for the album came from the losses the band suffered in Hurricane Sandy.

Order All Barren here.

Divider plays Grand Victory in Brooklyn this Friday, September 26th, with Old Wounds, Exalt, and Meek Is Murder.

"This band is as malicious and crushing as any other on the metal scene today... All Barren is surely one of the most auspicious debuts of the year."

"Combining the chaotic hardcore of Converge or early Cave In with a menacing and thoroughly weighty churn that recalls the likes of Neurosis or Tombs..."

"Their music pulls together different shades of darkness, its menacing slow burn drawing from bands like Neurosis and Tombs."

"Chaotic hardcore ragers"


"Like having your face pressed into a belt sander... Divider's music is grand, harsh, and angry... Fans of Neurosis, early Isis, and Tombs should perk their ears up for this album."
–Metal Injection

"Riffs with an indescribable power... A younger group could play these same songs 1,000 times and never come close to matching the emotions All Barren evokes."
–Invisible Oranges

"Stalwart carriers of the sonic battering ram... Gate-crushing tone."
–Gear Gods

"A dreary landscape of oppressing riffs and dark moody mid-tempo writing... An unending fist pounding dose of temperamental hardcore."
–New Noise

"There is an elemental fury to the music, especially in the roars of vocalist Chris Tzompanakis, which are sincerely righteous and pissed off."