Tuesday, January 13, 2015

GRIEVER - Our Love Is Different

Vitriol Records kicks off 2015 with the February 24th release of Griever's debut full-length, Our Love Is Different.

Vitriol Records is the celebrated, Los Angeles-based label owned by Justin Smith of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, and Dangers. Through Vitriol, Smith has released music by all his own bands as well as Thou, Birds In Row, Comadre, and more, and has adorned it with some of the coolest art and packaging of this millennium. (Witness Graf Orlock's Doombox here, for example.) The Vitriol brand has come to represent the progression of hardcore punk, fueled by an obsessive DIY ethic and antagonistic spirit.

From San Diego, Griever features vocalist/guitarist Alex Jacobelli and drummer Cory Groenenberg, both members of former Deathwish Inc hardcore punkers Lewd Acts.

In Griever, Jacobelli belts out world-weary gruffness and lights up the skies with radiant guitars, while Groenenberg drives forward, steady and straight as a tunnel-borer. Along with guitarist guitarist Orlando Ramirez and bassist Wes Sisk, they pound out an impassioned racket – a heavy, rock-solid version of post-hardcore that pummels and uplifts, equally – inspired by the melodic sludge of the Melvins-Karp-Floor-Torche circle as well as the garage punk scene epitomized by hometown San Diego label Swami Records (Hot Snakes, et al.)

Our Love Is Different was recorded by Tommy Garcia and Alex Jacobelli at SDRL and Thrill Me Studios, and mixed by Jacobelli at Thrill Me. The album was mastered by Nick Zampiello (Converge, Coliseum) at New Alliance. 

Our Love Is Different follows 2011's Inferior EP, also on Vitriol, and a 3-way split with VYGR and At Our Heels, on Creator-Destructor Records.

The tracklist is as follows:
1) A Somber Psalm
2) Malice
3) The Tie That Grinds
4) Hell in Heel
5) Our Love Is Different
6) Decline of the West
7) The Endless Wall
8) King of Ash
9) A Hymn of Horror

Griever, live:
Feb 15 - San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar w/ Enabler