Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The mighty Outer Heaven has revealed another new track off its upcoming Diabolus Vobiscum EP. This one, a 7-minute epic titled "Vault of Whispers," makes its debut via CVLT Nation and is now streaming here.

Outer Heaven's Diabolus Vobiscum will be released February 10th on Melotov Records and can be pre-ordered now from Melotov, here.

The young Pennsylvania band churns out old-school death metal of the minimal, mid-tempo variety, soaked in vile, unearthly doom vibes. CVLT Nation hails it as "pummeling riffs... putrid death doom." 

"Pummeling riffs... putrid death doom"
–CVLT Nation

"While hardcore and thrash often have a symbiotic relationship, it isn't as often that you see death metal align itself with its breakdown companions. However, Outer Heaven have managed to mesh the genres in a sparse yet doomy way that keeps the EP interesting..."
–Invisible Oranges

"Similarities to Mitochondrian and Decibel favorites Incantation. These are promising comparisons for extreme metal... It's new school death metal with an old school feel without the shelf dust."

"Outer Heaven let nuances of their influences bleed into their dirty death concoction... Mixing old school death metal with doom, hardcore, and a pinch of black metal makes for an interesting (and heavy) sound..."
–American Aftermath