Friday, January 23, 2015


Noisey has premiered Youth Funeral's "Weak But Warm," a track off the band's second EP, See You When I See You, out next Tuesday, January 27th, on Twelve Gauge Records.

Stream the song, here.

Noisey describes Youth Funeral's newest as "a devastating, pummeling album that sounds like screamo legends Saetia and Orchid."

The young New Hampshire band strikes an awesome balance of raw emotion and sweet chops, breathing new life into a classic sound. 

See You When I See You was produced by Will Killingsworth (Magrudergrind, Ampere). Guitarist/vocalist Casey Nealon has stated that the lyrics deal with "confronting mortality." The EP follows a 2013 EP, Symptom of Time, and a recent split with Scowler.

Pre-order See You When I See You from Twelve Gauge Records.

"A devastating, pummeling album that sounds like screamo legends Saetia and Orchid. Instead of smashing that worn-out Saetia tape into your mom's Volvo for the thousandth time, plug this in and reinvigorate your faith in the genre."

"A complex, heavy slab of screamo in the Orchid/Loma Prieta/Deathwish Inc vein. One thing that sticks out about them is the technically proficient instrumentalism... It manages to be technical, emotional and tightly composed at the same time."

"Like their colleagues in Loma Prieta and Birds In Row, they do not plagiarize and instead craft their own sound... See You When I See You effortlessly combines emotional rawness and jarring complexity that take screamo to new and interesting heights."
–American Aftermath

"A devastating and jarring screamo record, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the early '00s."

"An excellent slab of post-hardcore invective."

Live photo by Reid Haithcock