Friday, February 6, 2015


"'Visceral' builds into an apocalyptic fervor before dissipating into a cloudy haze and ending before you've had your fill. Thankfully there's a whole album of these brutal-but-beautiful goodies. Even better, it's going to be released on Aqualamb Records – a label that specializes in publishing 33 1/3-esque picture books alongside their audio releases."

VICE has premiered "Visceral," the opening track off Hiram-Maxim's self-titled debut album. Stream "Visceral," here.

From Cleveland, Ohio, new quartet Hiram-Maxim plumbs the darkest depths of psych rock, conjuring an experimental, improvisational death-blues in line with Pink Floyd's early jams or the creepiest crawlings of Oxbow. 

As VICE's Charlie Ambler puts it, the debut album's lead track "builds into an apocalyptic fervor before dissipating into a cloudy haze..."

Hiram-Maxim is set for a March 3rd release on Aqualamb Records.

From Brooklyn, New York, Aqualamb Records is a new label with a new approach to releasing music. Masterminded by graphic designers Eric Palmerlee and Johnathan Swafford, Aqualamb's releases take the form of 100-page, bound, printed books – essentially, each album's art and liner notes, traditionally confined to an LP gatefold, a CD booklet, or the screen of some music-playing device, are reconfigured into book form. Each book also includes a download code for the music.

With a handful of releases out so far, a clear aesthetic has already taken shape. Like the 33 1/3 books or the catalogs of record labels like Young God and Sacred Bones, Aqualamb's releases are very much part of a series, adding up to a distinct, visually unified experience. 

Pre-order Hiram-Maxim from Aqualamb Records, here.

Hiram-Maxim, live:
Feb 13 - Cleveland, OH @ Euclid Tavern w/ Murderedman
Feb 21 - Cleveland, OH  @ Superelectric w/ Goldmines
May 6 - Cleveland, OH @ Beachland w/ Six Organs of Admittance