Thursday, February 19, 2015

NASTY "Irreversible" vid

The new Nasty video, "Irreversible," is here!

Nasty's trademark brand of larger-than-life Euro beatdown is in full effect on this new tune, although the video casts the band in a more artistic light than the last couple vids which were more about clothes, cash, bloodshed, and blowjobs.

From La Calamine, Belgium, Nasty has been going hard for a decade now. Fifth album, Shokka, sees its US release next Tuesday, February 24th, on Good Fight Music, home to other new releases by The Banner and Old Wounds.

Pre-order, here.

Nasty has toured the world with bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Madball, and Terror. Next up is a US tour with Lionheart, including a stop at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

"A clinic in piledriving, mean-spirited metallic hardcore, unabashed in its reliance on breakdown after thundering breakdown."

"One of the few bright spots in the sea of feces that is the European music scene is Nasty."

"Comic levels of awesome... One of the hardest working bands in tis scene."
–New Noise

"Full to the brim with huge breakdowns... punishing mosh fueled anthems..."